Picture this: It is June 24th, three days after it was announced to me and a room full of people, that my dream food job in WA wouldn’t be realized. The ocean of tears have dried up as I write this 30,000 feet over the Pacific, and their parting gift was a nasty head cold. […]

Renowned for its sunny beaches that last for days, large and lush public parks, and a booming economy, Perth is regarded as one of Australia’s most livable cities. And what I realize now, is that it’s also an undiscovered top food and wine destination.

I wanted a good idea of what a chardonnay from the Margaret River would be like, and I think that the Vasse was spot on. This was beautifully balanced, medium-bodied, with a finish so long and pleasant, it practically stayed the night.

In order to have a productive writing day, it is imperative I get out of the house. Otherwise I run the risk of succumbing to the sweet embrace of my couch (and multi-episodes of Doctor Who). I look for three things when searching for the right cafe to work in: wifi, decent coffee, and friendly […]

When I worked in restaurants, I didn’t think twice about watching my weight. I was too busy to worry about that, and tasting was my job. No way around it…so hand over that seared foie with caramelized pineapple and no one gets hurt, okay? Besides, I was already pretty lean due in part to my 12-hour […]

When I was 19 and in the middle of culinary school, I decided I wanted to use my Summer break to connect the dots, so to speak, between those cute animals in the pasture and the steak that appears on my plate. After a bit of research into the world of WWOOF and Help Exchange, I found […]

I’ve been having a blast vying for this job of a lifetime in Western Australia. I want this bad, so, needless to say, I’ve been a bit of a stress-ball lately. And what do we do in times of stress, ladies and gentlemen? …Eat our feelings, of course! There. All better… On Wednesday, the day […]