A Lucky Girl in a Lucky Country

I found out on Wednesday that I made a short list of 25 people to be considered for the position of Taste Master.


This pretty much sums up how excited I am.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Wow! This sounds fantastic!…But what in the heck is a taste master?!”.

Here, let me explain.

In what has been a wildly successful tourism campaign generating millions of dollars for Australia, the Best Jobs in the World is a global competition for 6 job openings across the territories of Oz.

While ‘Chief Funster’ in New South Wales and ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ in South Australia do sound like dream jobs, my heart and soul (and job) will always be in food, so I applied for ‘Taste Master’ of Western Australia.

Part contest, part actual job, my role as taste master would be to travel around the gastronomically diverse state of WA documenting everything I sip and eat.

From wine making in the Margaret River Valley to truffle foraging in Manjimup, to wining and dining my way through the booming restaurant city of Perth,  I will sink my teeth into every thing this beautiful region has to offer.

I’ve been in Sydney for two months now, and what I know for sure is that there is so much more to be discovered in Australia: like the earnest and hard working purveyors at the Carnarvon market, the wicked fresh seafood in Fremantle, and the rich history of the Golden Outback.

I want to show you first hand why there is nothing like Australia. Here’s my application video. More videos to come!

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