The Urban Food Market

I’m living in Sydneys inner West right now, which is a vibrant network of neighborhoods to the West of the CBD. Before landing in Sydney, I had envisioned a lifestyle where the beach would be directly in my backyard, no big deal.

Well, reality can be a cruel master and those beach house rent prices are no joke! I’ve since learned that living in the ever-expanding suburbs of the inner-West definitely has its advantages.

For instance i’ll regularly take a short bus ride over to Newtown, where the Bohemian energy and too-cool-for-school attitude is palpable (Oh yeah, they have hipsters in Australia, too. And don’t get me started on the restaurants paying homage to Brooklyn and Southern comfort food). When I make my way out to Glebe, I am always delighted the quirky vintage traders at the Glebe Markets and always leave with something unique.

And just a short walk from my house in Dulwich Hill is the bustling Marrickville strip, chock full of Thai and Vietnamese eateries, authentic Greek tavernas, and trendy locavore cafes. Living here is a lot like being in Epcot, except the food is actually edible (and then some).

I first saw the sign for the Urban Food Market when I was grabbing some coffee at our favorite Marrickville coffee shop, Double Roasters. I must have a keen radar for good, ‘happy meat’*, or perhaps it was the big red cow that is their logo.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to stock up on meat and learn more about what producers are making around NSW, we took a look. Check out this video for the run down, and also the rub down as I show you how to make a simple marinade that take your next lamb dish to the next level.

*happy meat: my name for meat that has been humanely raised, therefore, lived a happy life munchin’ on grass in a pasture before they got to my plate.

I’m currently eating my way through Singapore, but stay tuned for the full recipe when I get back to Sydney!


Marinated lamb leg with beetroot risotto, arugula, candied walnuts, and mint chimichurri

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