See Singapore through Vines

I have been getting to know this little app called Vine lately. My sister, who is a fancy start-up tech goddess in LA, told me I just had to start vining everything I did. Once I managed to get past the initial learning curve, the fun began. My advice? Relax about getting the timing just right, because it takes practice, and just have fun with it. Vines are an awesome way to capture the moment that is happening before your eyes. With that being said, there is no way to know if that moment is going to go right or be captured in 6 seconds. So just channel the turtle in Finding Nemo and go with the flow!

There was no better place to practice my vining than Singapore, almost all of the food is made right in front of you so I was able to capture my whole dinner from A to Z. From hand pulled noodles to sizzling Korean Bbq, check out what I’ve been up to this week in Sing!

Magic show with homemade noodles right before your eyes.

Now thats fresh. Basement market in Chinatown.

Pigeons eat like kings at Raffles Hotel. Peanuts for all!

Am I in heaven? Because there are fresh coconuts EVERYWHERE.

A lost in translation moment at the Hawker stand. I said pork congee, he heard fish…still delicious though!

We hunt for dinner in Malacca, Malaysia

We are victorious! Amazing food at little Chinese place called Teo Soon Loong Chan. Son serves, Mom makes dumplings, Dad runs cash register, Grandpa cooks, Great Grandpa sits and eats noodles. All of this done right before your eyes in their open kitchen/restaurant. Go there!: No. 55 Second Cross Street, Malacca

Oppressive heat is made better with Cendol. Ice, coconut cream, caramelized cane sugar, strange green jelly noodles.

These bikes were everywhere and usually blasting “Gagnam Style” or something like that.

Cheers! To eating!

Eating with my hands at Indian restaurant in Malacca.

Having some interactive fun with in Korea town.

Breakfast egg and onion prana. I could watch this guy work all day.

My first trip to Asia would not be complete until I tried Durian, the stinky, often controversial fruit. My thoughts? It smelled like chopped onions after you bagged them up and then let them sit in the fridge for a couple of days. The taste…tasted like old onions and a little like mango…if you cut up a mango on a really nasty cutting board used almost exclusively for chopping onions. Don’t get me started on the texture (think stringy custard). Oh here, just watch my face.

Chili crab is a popular item on the menus in Singapore, as is its counterpart, black pepper crab. Our wonderful hosts suggested we make it on our last day in Singapore, to have a home cooked meal and avoid the inflated restaurant prices.

First things first, we went shopping for ingredients. We found cool things like freshly shredded coconut, dried prawns, and curry leaves.

Yvonne gets the dirty work over with…

After Yvonne cleaned the crabs, she set about making the black pepper sauce. It was so rich, pungent, and perfectly balanced. Also, I have not seen that much butter thrown into a wok in a very long time.

Needless to say, it was a gorgeous meal and I’m so glad we had time to make it.

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