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On bushwalking my way to better health

When I worked in restaurants, I didn’t think twice about watching my weight. I was too busy to worry about that, and tasting was my job. No way around it…so hand over that seared foie with caramelized pineapple and no one gets hurt, okay? Besides, I was already pretty lean due in part to my 12-hour […]

See Singapore through Vines

I have been getting to know this little app called Vine lately. My sister, who is a fancy start-up tech goddess in LA, told me I just had to start vining everything I did. Once I managed to get past the initial learning curve, the fun began. My advice? Relax about getting the timing just […]

A Lucky Girl in a Lucky Country

I found out on Wednesday that I made a short list of 25 people to be considered for the position of Taste Master. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Wow! This sounds fantastic!…But what in the heck is a taste master?!”. Here, let me explain. In what has been a wildly successful tourism campaign generating millions of […]

Byron Bay

One of our first trips since landing in Sydney was to this gem of a beachside town called Byron Bay. It is about as far Northeast as you can go while still staying in New South Wales, but it felt like we had entered another world. It had a pristine stretch of beach, a massage […]