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A Peek at Perth: the Local Bar and Cafe Scene

Renowned for its sunny beaches that last for days, large and lush public parks, and a booming economy, Perth is regarded as one of Australia’s most livable cities. And what I realize now, is that it’s also an undiscovered top food and wine destination.


Wine: Finding a sense of place in WA

I wanted a good idea of what a chardonnay from the Margaret River would be like, and I think that the Vasse was spot on. This was beautifully balanced, medium-bodied, with a finish so long and pleasant, it practically stayed the night.

The Places I Blog: 2042 Cafe

In order to have a productive writing day, it is imperative I get out of the house. Otherwise I run the risk of succumbing to the sweet embrace of my couch (and multi-episodes of Doctor Who). I look for three things when searching for the right cafe to work in: wifi, decent coffee, and friendly […]

Stress Eat of The Week: Great Aunty Three

I’ve been having a blast vying for this job of a lifetime in Western Australia. I want this bad, so, needless to say, I’ve been a bit of a stress-ball lately. And what do we do in times of stress, ladies and gentlemen? …Eat our feelings, of course! There. All better… On Wednesday, the day […]

The Urban Food Market

I’m living in Sydneys inner West right now, which is a vibrant network of neighborhoods to the West of the CBD. Before landing in Sydney, I had envisioned a lifestyle where the beach would be directly in my backyard, no big deal. Well, reality can be a cruel master and those beach house rent prices […]

Din Tai Fung: Sydney

I usually approach chain restaurants with a healthy dose of skepticism, they just don’t have the same heart and soul as an independent place run by the hard working mom and pop’s of the world. Now enter Din Tai Fung: the venerable dumpling institution with locations all over the globe. Based in Taiwan, this Michelin […]

Byron Bay

One of our first trips since landing in Sydney was to this gem of a beachside town called Byron Bay. It is about as far Northeast as you can go while still staying in New South Wales, but it felt like we had entered another world. It had a pristine stretch of beach, a massage […]