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On disappointment and my ‘come to Jesus’ with gratitude.

Picture this: It is June 24th, three days after it was announced to me and a room full of people, that my dream food job in WA wouldn’t be realized. The ocean of tears have dried up as I write this 30,000 feet over the Pacific, and their parting gift was a nasty head cold. […]

A Peek at Perth: the Local Bar and Cafe Scene

Renowned for its sunny beaches that last for days, large and lush public parks, and a booming economy, Perth is regarded as one of Australia’s most livable cities. And what I realize now, is that it’s also an undiscovered top food and wine destination.

The Birds and the Bugs

Before we came to Sydney, I had this recurring, haunting, vision. The professor would go to work, and I would be in the kitchen, finishing up breakfast dishes. Then it would appear, seemingly out of nowhere: The biggest spider that I had ever seen. Armed with a tupperware and a creeping sense of doom, I […]